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If they don't like disclosure and transparency, then they can get out of public office or working for those who are seeking this deployment.

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Alaina Cooper Burtenshaw Ochoa


53 years old and most likely was born in Idaho.

Burtenshaw who grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, under the name of Alaina Cooper. Apparently was a good student while attending Bonneville High School, as she made the honor roll twice during her sophomore year, with a GPA greater than 3.5. This was publicized in the Post Register of Idaho Falls on December 10, 1974 and March 3, 1975.

She then went on to Idaho State University Class of 1981, earning a BA degree in history, then on to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and graduated with a JD in 1987.

According to the NV Bar, Burtenshaw was admitted on 10/05/87, license # 3134. She is currently in an inactive status and no professional liability insurance.

So prior to this date she was REQUIRED to take what is definitely one of two Oaths of office, SWEARING to uphold the US and NV Constitutions, SCR 73. Attorney’s oath. Which based on her REFUSAL to protect Nevadans from 4th Amendment violations, one could probably deem as 'perjury'? As the NV Bar did require it to be under penalty of perjury. When she took the position on the PUC they were also required to take an Oath, Section 2.  Oath of office.

She apparently has no problem tooting her own horn in trying to create a 'concerned' image of transparency. Her words do not reflect her actions as a Commissioner. Oh, she has mastered the 'look' of concern worthy of an Academy Award performance. One just has to look at her during hearings or consumer sessions to see her skill in action. At times she elevates it to 'appear' that she is taking notes, as to what she is writing, no one will ever know.

In an interview with the Review Journal on February 12, 2011, "Utilities commission gets new leader" she stated:

"Through it all, ratepayer feedback has proven essential to her work, and it's that kind of public input she said she plans to emphasize in her new job.

"We find out things in consumer sessions that we will not find out anywhere else," Burtenshaw said in a Friday interview discussing her plans for the job, which Gov. Brian Sandoval appointed her to on Feb. 2.       [Note, on October 11, 2012 at a Consumer Session she heard the following comments that were video taped: Constitutional violation of smart meters, medical privacy issues with NV Energy Green Cross Program and harm to service animals, federal grant violations of the ADA, businesses getting a lower rate per kilowatt hour, uphold Constitution regarding their oath of office.]

"The things they tell us can make a difference. I really appreciate it when someone says, 'I have a problem here, and I can't get it fixed.' A lot of times, it's the first time people hear about an issue." "What's most important to me is that we're very transparent -- that people understand what we're doing, and that we are as transparent as possible," she said. "I'm more of a process person. I want to make sure if folks have a problem, they have a chance to be heard.   [Note, if they were so transparent, then their General Counsel would have allowed the information from another utility company removing ALL of Sensus meters over mechanical concerns be allowed into the open Docket, these facts that Burtenshaw was made aware of, as these exhibits were entered into the record for the Consumer Session Docket. Burtenshaw while presiding over the Consumer Session heard testimony in addition to receiving the exhibits on the safety on the Sensus Meters they are inflicting on the consumers.

We certainly have an economy right now in Las Vegas, in particular, and in Reno, that we haven't seen for decades. But I think if people have confidence in the process and they feel like they can come here and be listened to, it helps a lot.""

BURTENSHAW, how can you so overtly feign these statements, while doing just the opposite? What good is "We find out things in consumer sessions that we will not find out anywhere else," when you WILL NOT USE that information in other dockets, according to statements to that effect you and others have made. NOT to forget, that EXHIBITS that you receive during these hearings ARE ENTERED into the relevant Docket.


Your office applied for and received a federal grant did you READ THE FINE PRINT ABOUT THE ADA? NVE agreed to this and you WERE informed about it, as it was submitted in Docket # 10-02009, volume 16, DSM 24-30. Extract your head from the sand! Just because some glass is made out of sand, does NOT make it automatically TRANSPARENT!

You ADMITTED the economy is problematic and what are you going to do? INCREASING FINANCIAL BURDENS UPON THE RATEPAYERS!

She has been with the PUC since 1992, as Staff Counsel and Assistant Staff Counsel. On January 18, 2010 former Governor Jim Gibbons appointed her to the Commission. On February 2, 2011, Governor Brian Sandoval as Chairman of the Commission.

She is listed with Ballotpedia.

Currently residing at 6751 S. Longmeadow Dr., Pahrump, NV 89061 (Since 2006)

On March 17, 1993, she divorced Chris Lynn Burtenshaw.

On May 25, 1995 she married Henry Ochoa, Jr., in Clark County, NV, certificate number 199959-17732, that was recorded on May 26, 1995

On or about 7/28/1992 her and Chris Burtenshaw purchased 9305 Aston Martin Dr., then on or about 11/17/92 it was transferred into her name only, finally on or about 11/23/93 she sold it.

On January 18, 2000, she sold the 9305 Aston Martin Dr., home as Alaina Burtenshaw Ochoa and Henry Ochoa, husband and wife, who acquires titles as Alaina Burtenshaw and unmarried woman.

On 10/4/2000 with Ochoa they moved to 3054 Azure Bay Street, Las Vegas, community property with rights of survivorship. They sold the property and the sale was recorded on 6/11/2004

Apparently in 2006, she moved with Henry Ochoa, Jr., to Pahrump from 3054 Azure Bay Street in Las Vegas. When in 2010 the property at Longmeadow was transferred into her name only.

She has a daughter named Casey, who is currently 'dating' Dan Ciavarella, MBA and CIMA (R). The reason this is mentioned, is that he is in the financial business and associated with various hedge fund groups, as referenced on his Linked In profile page. Such as Financial Services Institute, Genworth Financial, Hedge Fund Group, Investment Sales and Marketing Professionals, Investment Wholesalers of America, to reference a few. He stated "Investment Management and Sales Professional".

One can only 'speculate' what better way to get the ultimate insider information on stocks, than by dating the daughter of the Chairwoman of a Utility Commission.

In a 3rd Quarter 2010 "newsletter" Perspectives, "Understanding Independence" he stated: "In addition, they also have a number of outside independent resources they can access for specific areas of expertise".

"The Investment Management Consulting Group (IMCG) led by Dan Ciavarella, CIMA® and Wendy L. Matheny has the privilege of helping specially selected, high achieving CPA, tax and estate planning firms discover, adopt and implement the capabilities of the Investment Management Solutions (IMS) platform."

While those in no way are stating anything overtly against him, but, the association with Burtenshaw on a personal level leaves one to say 'ummm', about possible advice on NVE stock or pending business activity. As she has the ultimate insider information as to what could happen to the company.

Now, since Burtenshaw is NOT suppose to own stock in any utility, DOES HER DAUGHTER? If so, is mommy feeding information or SUGGESTIONS on what stock/s to buy?

No one knows for sure, because no one ever asked these questions.

Nor would she most likely ever admit to it.


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