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 Updated: March 4, 2014


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February 7, 2014

From Angel De Fazio-  Anti-Smart Meter Activist

The arrogance that permeates NV Energy is beyond human comprehension. They think because they are the power monopoly in Nevada and 'rumors' abound that they pull strings behind the scenes of government officials, that they can 'CONTROL' everyone.

They discovered in 2011, that all their threats of denial of power unless customers acquiesced to their will regarding smart meters, the mere threat would be enough intimidation for everyone to comply. Then they met their match.

In May of 2011, they sent in their "A?" team to convince myself and another customer why they are right and we were wrong. They were left with the final statement which they chuckled over "I am going to be your biggest nightmare, we will get to keep our analogs, just watch me." Which to their surprise turned into reality not the veiled threat that they thought, when in January 2013, the "Davids/Davidettas" won the fight and got to keep their analogs. 

The most memorial moment of that day occurred at the close of the meeting. The HATE could be seen on the faces of NVE as they basically ran out of the the room, after they discovered they lost to a small group of committed customers. The utility spoiled brats were NOT accustomed to not getting their way.

My only regret that day was that I didn't have the video camera on Shawn, NVE's attorney, when the final vote was taken and he discovered he lost!!!!

All the testimony and experts they presented still did NOT get the forced deployment of the HARMFUL/NON-UL Certified Sensus smart meters upon the public.

If there was EVER a worst case scenario that NVE/Sierra Pacific could imagine, it would be public exposure regarding harm from the smart meters and someone suing them over injuries sustained by their new 'safe' meters. Most of those who appeared in support of the opt out, over health effects, kept it to the PUC meetings/filed submissions or calls to NVE's customer service office. Then NVE harmed their most vocal, formidable, indomitable and resolute opponent.

I WARNED NVE numerous times, God help you if I get sick, you will regret ever harming me. 

On January 15, 2014, they installed a smart meter about 20-25 feet from my condo. In under an hour your SAFE meter INJURED me! There is NO WAY that you are going to SILENCE ME on this HARM! I NEVER backed down against you, consider all of that the 'appetizer' to the NIGHTMARE that will be forthcoming from this injury!

If you had NOTHING to HIDE, why did you on January 16th, PROHIBIT your employees from discussing the removal of the smart meters with me?

On January 17th, you had TWO trucks come out and replace your HARMFUL smart meter with a SAFE ANALOG meter! That was probably the ONLY smart thing you ever did, as you KNEW you will try during future discovery, to try and use that as your 'attempt' to resolve the situation! 

You thought you were 'cute' by forcing me to be exposed for an extended period of time, which if it was removed immediately like I demanded, the injuries I sustained would have been mitigated! But, no, you waited and now litigation is in your future. Still think it was a 'smart' idea?

Did you idiots ACTUALLY think that I would tamper with the smart meter so that you could have 'something' on me? Sorry to have disappointed you.

Remember in NV there is the SOL of TWO YEARS! I am in NO RUSH to go forward with the complaint, until the determination of permanent injuries are ascertained. Consider this time period as your Sword of Damocles, as you are NOT going to wangle out of this unscathed, by harming a disabled person's neurological functions! You had better increase your tithe to your churches, and pray that I FULLY recover, otherwise, this is NEVER GOING TO END! I DIDN'T make a veiled threat in 2011 and I am NOT making an veiled threat now, I give WARNINGS & PROMISES, that I make good on!