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If they don't like disclosure and transparency, then they can get out of public office or working for those who are seeking this deployment.

Established in 2012.


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 Updated: March 4, 2014


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David Scott Noble

"Your brain gets less action than a white crayon". - Unknown



Is NV Energy, David's Puppeteer?


February 14, 2014 Upon information and belief, today David celebrated his birthday. Guess this explains why he has a CHRONIC HEART ON against ratepayers!

Why don't you make the best contribution that you are fully capable of, to the State of Nevada...RESIGN! You are about as effective/wanted as teats on a boar hog!

January 30, 2013, Nobel FINALLY did something to benefit the consumer. After the PUC was notified via email of the prevarications of NVE's customer service center over the analog issue, the customer appeared at the PUC meeting to relate her story. Noble referred her to customer relations at the PUC. That was the FIRST TIME he earned his salary and did what he was suppose to under his job description. One has to wonder, did his handlers have a 'little chat' with him afterwards about this?

January 9, 2013, at a NV PUC meeting a rate payer asked if Noble was on the take from NV Energy. No one will ever know the answer to this query.


Based on her query we have to wonder:

January 31, 2013, why would Sierra Pacific ONLY log on to this Commissioner's web page?


Your soul is so black, it makes a black hole look like the corona of the sun!

What do we know about this Commissioner? Very little is known by the public as to who is SUPPOSE to act in a non-biased manner regarding utilities and ratepayers.

He is approximately 41 years old. Married to Jennifer Marie Valliere Noble. They live in a GORGEOUS home at 633 14th Green Drive, Incline Valley, NV 89451. Quite possibly she is a Deputy DA in NV.

When he and Jennifer purchased their 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 2,495 square foot home for $322,500, that was recorded on 07/09/1999, they expected a reasonable amount of privacy. Since their information was under the control of an outside party, the Assessorís office, certain aspects of their privacy is now accessible to anyone and they canít impede that disclosure.

He has also lived in Crystal Bay, NV, Glendale and San Francisco, CA.  

University of Penn-Undergrad

Loyola Law School

California Bar license 1996 (Inactive)

Prior Addresses

633 Fourteenth Grn, Incline Village, NV

Licensed in NV since October 14, 1998, bar number 6761, currently in an inactive status.

Must be like the Sword of Damocles wondering when AND what might be posted.  You never show your entire hand to anyone! Always keep them guessing.

The page isn't going to change by clicking on it twice a day.

A watched webpage never updates.

Pages are updated or created according to our time schedule.

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IF anyone has an issue with any information that has been published here, that has been accessed from public websites, that themselves or others associated with them posted freely, it is their problem and they need to curtail their or their associates postings. IF you put anything on the internet that is open access, you have given permission for the public to view it. IF you don't want information disseminated, then stay off the internet and don't post personal information that you do not want made public.