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If they don't like disclosure and transparency, then they can get out of public office or working for those who are seeking this deployment.

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 Updated: March 4, 2014


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NRS 703.030, 703.040, 703.050, 704.001, do our current 

Commissioners fit these regulations? 



NRS 703.030 Commissioners: Appointment; terms; qualifications.

1. The Commission consists of three Commissioners appointed by the Governor for terms of 4 years.

2. The Governor shall appoint as members of the Commission persons who have at least 2 years of experience in one or more of

the following fields:

(a) Accounting.

(b) Business administration.

(c) Finance or economics.

(d) Administrative law.

(e) Professional engineering.

3. Not more than two of the Commissioners may be:

(a) Members of the same political party.

(b) From the same field of experience.

[Part 2:109:1919; A 1947, 29; 1953, 252]—(NRS A 1957, 331; 1983, 1308; 1997, 1881)


NRS 703.030 

Section 2

Burtenshaw and Noble are attorneys and Wagner has a Business Administration Degree.

Section 3 (a) 

Most likely they changed parties prior to getting notification that they were being considered. Where as Burtenshaw's, Wagner's and Noble's Ballotpedia Profiles are citing 'non-partisan', which we call into question. 

Are they REALLY non-partisan? If so, one can only speculate how do they vote in the primaries and elections? 

Since voter registration information is public access, Burtenshaw residing in Nye County, with Wagner and Noble residing in Washoe, one could verify their political party information from:  (775) 482-8191Pahrump Office, (775) 328-3670 Washoe Office.


NRS 703.040 Commissioners: Additional qualifications; restrictions on other employment.

1. All of the Commissioners shall be persons who are independent of the industries regulated by the Commission and who possess demonstrated competence.

2. No Commissioner may be pecuniarily interested in any public utility in this state or elsewhere.

3. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 284.143, the Commissioners shall give their entire time to the business of the Commission and shall not pursue any other business or vocation or hold any other office of profit.

4. No Commissioner may be a member of any political convention or a member of any committee of any political party.


NRS 703.040 

Section 2

Seeing how these 'nominated' Commissioners seem to be automatically  're-nominated', we are challenging whether or not they in fact have no pecuniary interest in any public utility. We are basing this on, do they own any mutual fund accounts, hedge funds that are invested in public utilities? Did they fully disclose this information, more importantly, did the laxity or biasness of the nominating Governor do their due diligence? 

Even the FDA Commission was forced to divest pharmaceutical stock prior to her appointment. 

What is of an even greater concern are the 'staff' personnel that the Commissioners rely upon for 'advise'. Since these 'advisors', tend to automatically RUBBER STAMP NVE/SP requests, with MINOR adjustments, to make it appear as if they are actually doing any work, do they in fact have a financial interest in the various utilities that they are giving advice on.

These advisory personnel need to be  GRANDFATHERED into this statute.

With all the shenanigans that the PUC is known for, it wouldn't be a surprise to find that these 'advisors' are financially benefitting from INSIDER INFORMATION regarding utilities.

What better way to have INSIDER TRADING information, than to have full access to utility submissions prior to public disclosure and also 'confidential' information on utility financial information, which they redact out, when posting documents to the PUC website.


NRS 703.050 Commissioners: Oaths.

1. Before entering upon the duties of office, each Commissioner shall subscribe to the constitutional oath of office, and shall in

addition swear that the Commissioner is not pecuniarily interested in any public utility in this State as defined in chapter 704 of NRS.

2. The oath of office shall be filed in the Office of the Secretary of State.

NRS 704.001 Purpose and policy of Legislature in enacting chapter. It is hereby declared to be the purpose and policy of the Legislature in enacting this chapter:

1. To confer upon the Commission the power, and to make it the duty of the Commission, to regulate public utilities to the extent of its jurisdiction;

2. To provide for fair and impartial regulation of public utilities;

3. To provide for the safe, economic, efficient, prudent and reliable operation and service of public utilities;

4. To balance the interests of customers and shareholders of public utilities by providing public utilities with the opportunity to

earn a fair return on their investments while providing customers with just and reasonable rates

These are the BIGGEST JOKE, under the guise of a "Commission" ever enacted upon the residents of the State of Nevada and clearly demonstrate WHY the Commissioners need to be formally charged with malfeasance.

Oath in State Constitution
Article 15, Miscellaneous Provisions,

Section 2.  Oath of office.

Members of the Legislature, and all officers, executive, judicial and ministerial, shall, before they enter upon the duties of their respective offices, take and subscribe to the following oath:

I, ................, do solemly [solemnly] swear (or affirm) that I will support, protect and defend the constitution and government of the United States, and the constitution and government of the State of Nevada, against all enemies, whether domestic or foreign, and that I will bear true faith, allegiance and loyalty to the same, any ordinance, resolution or law of any state notwithstanding, and that I will well and faithfully perform all the duties of the office of ................, on which I am about to enter; (if an oath) so help me God; (if an affirmation) under the pains and penalties of perjury. 

Since they are FAR from SUPPORTING, PROTECTING and DEFENDING the NV and US CONSTITUTION. With WANTON DISREGARD for the Constitutions, their VIOLATIONS is ENDORSED by their General Counsel Jan Juanita Judkins Goslee Cohen, by her REFUSAL to have the Commissioners READ the CONGRESSIONAL REPORT to Members of the US Congress regarding Smart Meters and the 4th Amendment. She needs to be charged as she took the lawyers oath which basically mimics the Oath of Office.

SCR 73. Attorney’s oath.

Upon being admitted, each applicant shall take and subscribe to the following oath:


I will support the Constitution and government of the United States and of the State of Nevada;

I will maintain the respect due to courts of justice and judicial officers;

I will support, abide by and follow the Rules of Professional Conduct as are now or may hereafter be adopted by the Supreme Court; and

I will faithfully and honestly discharge the duties of an attorney at law to the best of my knowledge and ability.