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If they don't like disclosure and transparency, then they can get out of public office or working for those who are seeking this deployment.

Established in 2012.


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 Updated: March 4, 2014


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NV Energy and Sierra Pacific





Is NV Energy Misappropriating One Million Dollars in Federal Funding for Consumer Confidence?

Exponent Experts so called "Testimony"

NV Energy Admits Lying to Customers and Overt Discrimination Against Low Income and Disabled Residents

NVE Stop Smart Meters

NV PUC suppresses the truth about the 'experts' testimony, they 'accepted' on the safety of smart meters, when the same experts stated they were not safe months later in Pennsylvania!

NV PUC: Duped or Dumb Over the Safety of Sensus Smart Meters?

NVE & NV PUC conning the public over non-transmitting meters-customers to be exposed!

Smart Meter or NO Power at All? NV Energy Sends Three Armed Men to Disconnect Power- Just for 'Opting Out'.

NV Energy Brings Armed Guard to Customers Home.

NV Energy December 2, 2011 PUC submission with Exponent written testimony.

NV Energy Stop Smart Meters was founded in April of 2011 by Angel De Fazio and Karen Smith, to create awareness and education on the health risks, constitutional violations, fraud and misinformation that Nevada's power monopoly was promulgating, regarding smart meters.

NVE Axis of Evil.

They all are lying about safety, as they have NEVER tested these meters on every demographic that will be exposed to them.

NVE ADMITS that their smart meters are in fact Surveillance devices! This is the NO INSTALL letter they sent out to customers granting them exclusion from installation over privacy issues!

NVE's Director of Smart Meters Gary Smith feigns that the anti-smart meter advocates, are using misinformation.  They created a "Myths" paper, which has only their rantings, nothing quantified. Here are their "myths" discredited with their own information they submitted to the NV Public Utilities Commission

The articles here referencing NVE and Sierra Power have the same impact with other utilities.

Most urgent: Call, then email to confirm delay list with NVE/Sierra Pacific. As NVE has a 'tendency' to NOT RECORD the request. Get their name and then email all of the following to make sure you have proof you notified them, here are their direct phone numbers and direct email addresses:

Sierra Pacific Numbers:

Main Customer Service: (775) 834-4444

TTY (775) 834-3411

Main Corporate number (702) 402-5000

NV Energy Numbers:

Main Customer Service (702) 402-5080

Peter Easler, Director of Deployment office 402.6592 cell 290.0265 PEasler@NVEnergy.Com

Kristina Ballmann (Smart Meter Resolution) 702.402.6598 KBallmann@NVEnergy.Com

Gary Smith- Smart Technologies Director 775-834-5775 GSmith@NVEnergy.Com

Schad Koon- Director Customer Service 702-402-5757 SKoon@NVEnergy.Com

Tony Sanchez -VP of Government and Community relations 702-402-5680 TSanchez@NVEnergy.Com

Michael Yackira, President NV Energy 702-402.5610

Nevada DESPERATE for new businesses, is with malice and forethought creating barriers under the guise of smart meters. Other states have more intelligent public utility officials, who see that this is a poorly conceived plan, fiscally devastating to residents and claims of benefits are overshadowed by its cost to implement. Nor are they ethically challenged to appease their 'string holders', like in Nevada.


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